¿Qué es la frambuesa exprimida en frío?

The Cold Pressed Raspberry is made only of dark red raspberries, known for their unique and delicate sour taste owed to a specific aroma blend that is hard to make and preserve.

This berry is so sweet yet with so little calories which is a reason enough to let us fully enjoy the Cold Pressed Raspberry.
When it comes to the vitamins, it is a great source of vitamin C, as well as B complex, E and K vitamins, while in small quantities it also includes almost every mineral. As recommended by the traditional medicine, the raspberry juice is good for treating stomach and intestines diseases because it effectively purifies the digestive system. In the same time, it can also be good for treating urinary infections.

Raspberries are considered to cool the body down, which has this juice also used against fever. Due to its low amount of carbohydrates, the Cold Pressed Raspberry, if consumed reasonably, is safe for diabetics to drink – something that cannot be said of any other fruit products. Some studies show that this fruit is beneficial when it comes to regulating the blood sugar levels, too. Furthermore, raspberries contain ellagic acid which positively affects any cancer-damaged cells. In addition to ellagic acid and its other components, anthocyanins and polyphenols, they also have a preventive effect against the widespread viruses in our country and in the rest of the world.

One liter of the Cold Pressed Raspberry contains approximately 333 fruits, meaning that two glasses of this juice nutritionally meet the needs of one full meal. It is often recommended by nutritionists as an everyday diet.
It can be consumed by everyone, and is especially wanted among children. The young ones adore it and it is also recommended for babies as young as 6 months old.
Go ahead and check the whole, unique and exclusive aroma and taste of the Cold Pressed Raspberry!

Sobre nostros

En menos de tres años de actividad, desde una pequeña granja familiar en el pueblo de Prilipac, cerca de Arilje, donde se creó el jugo natural de la madre, hemos creado una marca reconocida llamada Frambuesa exprimida en frío, conocida en los mercados extranjeros como Cold Pressed Raspberry.